Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dream Power Against Terrorism

The power of the dream messages is observed especially when someone is saved from terrorist attacks, which cannot be predicted in another way.

Many times the dreamer may have to suffer an attack in order to prevent something worse, but they have basic protection. The hell of terrorism is too obscure, and the destructive power of evilness, too strong.

All the negative energy that transforms the human being into a demon comes from the wild side of the human conscience, which is schizophrenic. This is the result of its disorganized evolution, in combination with all the difficulties and deceptions of existence and consciousness in a live creature.

The power of the dream messages, which give objective information to the dreamer about all dangers that threaten their lives, can save the human being from being murdered by terrorist attacks, even though many times he has to bear passing through bitter experiences in order to protect his life.

If you lead with terrorism, you must know that there are no rules: terror doesn’t respect anything, and has the destructive power of bombs.

You need the power of dreams in order to fight against terrorism without losing your life.

I am a real example of a person who was saved from murder, since I precisely followed the guidance of the unconscious mind in my dreams when a man who was in love with me had killed my husband, while covering up his murder with a supposed heart attack. Everyone was paid to hide the truth, because he was very rich.

He could never capture me though, and he could not kill me as well. He could not possess me, because I had protection from his attacks, seeing everyday flashes of short dreams, with previsions about what would happen during the day.

This man was schizophrenic and became a maniac murderer, after his failure to capture me. But I was able to escape from all his traps, besides being able to provide him a partial schizophrenia cure through many sound messages that he was recording by spying on my apartment, over a period of 7 years.

He understood that he didn’t have the right to oblige me to live with him, and that I was not responsible for his suffering.

Another example of protection from terrorism through dream messages in my own life was when I met my schizophrenic father again, after being far away from Brazil, where he lives, for 11 years.

Besides dream warnings which were showing me the gravity of his mental illness that had become worse with time and with his loneliness, since my parents got divorced when I was 14 years old, I had a strange pain in my front teeth when I visited him in his house in 1991, after being in Greece for 11 years. I had decided to live here, I got married, and then I became pregnant, so I could not travel and see my father in the meanwhile.

The pain I had in my front teeth was a signal of danger, indicating to me that I had to be very cautious with my father, because anything could irritate him too much and transform him into a violent monster.

I had dreams showing me that he was involved in the smuggling of children, who were killed, so that their organs could be sold to people that needed transplants.

I could never verify if these dreams were really revealing me the truth, but I didn’t doubt that my father simply hated all children, since he had lost me, his only child, who condemned him for his absurd behavior, protecting my mother and helping her separate from him. My father had threatened her, telling her that she would never escape alive if she dared to abandon him. However, with my protection, and with the protection of the lawyer we found, he could not harm her in any way.

These examples can show you what kind of problems you have to face when you deal with terrorism, which is pure craziness, and how the translation of the meaning of your dreams can protect you, and save your life.

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