Friday, August 28, 2009

Love and Depression in Young Men

Men suffer much more than women when they are betrayed, especially if they are very young.

The negative effect that a deception in love can have on their life is too deep, because their masculinity is threatened, and this is why they feel too humiliated.

Dreams in which the figure of a woman appears in great danger are very common when they are abandoned or betrayed. This figure represents their anima, in other words: their perfect match.

If the anima is dying in their dreams, this means that their psyche refuses to again have the same bitter experience, and this is why it denies the acceptance of a new relationship.

Young men’s depression can last for a long time, and completely ruin the development of their lives. This is why they have to be very cautious, and care about having relationships with women that will respect them.

If you are one of them, you should learn how to translate your dreams according to the scientific method, and receive the free psychotherapy of the unconscious mind. This way, you’ll be able to overcome your weakness and lack of motivation.

Dreams are lessons given by the wise unconscious mind, with many explanations about what is happening inside you, and about what you have to do in order to stand up again and dare to look for the woman who will really make you happy.

Only because you’ll learn what exactly exists in your psyche and why you have certain reactions, you’ll already be relieved. Once you start taking notes of your dreams and understanding their hidden messages, a new horizon will suddenly appear in front of your eyes, and eliminate all the darkness around you.

Knowledge is by itself a great relief, because when you have explanations for the strange and cruel behavior you were a victim of, you stop feeling that what happened was your fault, or that you are inferior, ridiculous, etc.

You start seeing the causes of all problems, and understanding how you can overcome them, to begin then a new life, far from the illusions and false impressions that put you in the place of a victim.

If you haven’t had a tragic experience yet, but you are worried with this possibility, you should be very careful when you have any kind of relationship with a woman.

Don’t be futile, and avoid getting involved with girls that have strong tendencies towards immorality.

You may prefer having relationships with girls that easily accept making love with you, but be aware that they may easily betray you with anyone. Think about this tragic possibility when you have an affair, and look for a girl that will respect you, even if she won’t accept having sexual relationships with you in the beginning.

Sex should never be the only reason why you start having a relationship. Care about the personality of the girl you like.

If you are cautious and prudent, you’ll prevent depression, and find the right person for you.

Count on the guidance of the unconscious mind. You’ll be helped and informed about all the important aspects of your relationship, besides learning who the girl you love really is.

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