Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Promote Original Products With Real Solutions and Build Your Reputation Online

It is so common to look for a digital product to promote at Clickbank, that this is where I decided to create my affiliate program.

Clickbank is a trusted company that always pays its affiliates all over the world, and you feel safe when you know that this company is genuine, and really pays.

Yes, because online everything is very dangerous, as you might have understood if you have been online for a while.

If you are a newbie, let me open your eyes and show you that nothing is as easy as all marketers online promise you, only in order to make you purchase their ebooks and follow their steps.

They tell you that you only have to do this and that, and you’ll make money, but without explaining that everything takes time, you have to be professional, you have to have many contacts… in other words, you have to have and to do so many things in order to be a successful seller online that if you really knew the truth from the beginning you probably wouldn’t try it.

But all marketers push you and make you take action, even if you are not ready to face all the dangers you’ll find online.

The internet is a jungle, and there is no justice online. Spies, thieves and impostors, everyone is hidden in this huge jungle, while you see only what appears on your screen. You can very easily be fooled.

So, you don’t really know what kind of product you are promoting as an affiliate when you decide to join an affiliate program, unless you have purchased it and followed it, etc, which means that you have to begin spending money buying it, instead of making money with it without really knowing its content.

Well, this is a big risk. If you are promoting other people’s products but you’ve never purchased them yourself, you don’t really know if they are good or not.

You may find them in nice companies like Clickbank, but they are not what they should be, while you could spend all your time and energy promoting them…

I have seen many times people telling you that you can write an ebook in 3 days, and things like that, and then sell it online, and I feel that the people who are buying this product are paying for a collection of informative articles concentrated in an ebook format; this is information that they could find everywhere, and without paying anything for that, but since they are too busy and they don’t know how to look for all these things, they pay someone for the research they present them in this ebook.

Research based on what already exists everywhere…

If you are going to promote those kinds of ebooks, do you believe that your reputation as a seller will help you acquire more customers in the future?

I don’t think so…

I’m selling ebooks online, but I’m not a marketer. They are in fact my gift to the world. I studied 19 years before presenting my conclusions to the public, while curing many people at the same time, and not only that, but helping them solve all kinds of problems, like a sister. My work is not commercial; I looked for perfection. This is why I had to wait so long before preparing my ebooks.

However, I can affirm that the positive results for all cases are guaranteed if my readers precisely follow my directions. All my readers who are good students are also my friends.

We exchange messages once in a while, and they tell me their dreams and translations. Sometimes I correct something, other times I simply tell them: “Congratulations! Your translation was perfect”!

But the most important thing is the knowledge they acquire because they are able to understand the dream language. The meaning of the dream messages is precious, because it comes from the wise unconscious mind.

Dream translation according to the scientific method is pure psychotherapy. Everyone learns how to transform their personality and achieve their goals, developing their intelligence and sensitivity. The benefits of this knowledge are so many that in a while it will be part of our daily lives, especially because the wisdom of the dream messages is free. The unconscious mind is our natural doctor.

I’m only selling lessons about the dream language, and showing everyone how to use this knowledge in practice to solve their problems, but the real benefit is not the translation of the dream language: this is only a bridge that leads them to the wisdom of the unconscious mind.

This means that the value of my ebooks cannot be calculated. They give everyone the key to a higher level of consciousness.

All your customers will understand that the products you promote are excellent, without exceptions.

I should have already received many prizes after doing this long research and so many therapies, but the scientific world didn’t care enough for the infinite potential of the dream power, now that we know how to exactly translate the meaning of dreams, thanks to my discoveries, after continuing Carl Jung’s research.

Everything takes time, and I have too many competitors who are trying to prevent me to prove the truth to the world, because this way all their lies will be visible.

However, I also have your help, because if you are intelligent like my students, you’ll understand that my ebooks are a real treasure and you’ll promote them with safety. This is why I invite you to sign up for my affiliate program.

I will send you email messages with indications, helpful links and guidance, showing you how and where to successfully sell our products online, and you’ll receive 75% commissions for each sale!

Join My Affiliate Program here:

All the best!

Christina Sponias

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