Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why Do People Dream But Not Look for The Meaning of Their Dreams?

Most people think that dreams are not important at all, or that they could have a certain psychological importance, but they don’t believe that dream interpretation is an occupation that deserves their time.

If they knew how really important dreams are, they would abandon other activities that don’t help them in any way, or that cannot help them as much as dream interpretation, and start immediately studying the meaning of their dreams.

Dreams are secret messages sent to your conscience by the unconscious mind, which works like a natural doctor, protecting you from the absurd side of your conscience, which is wild, and didn’t pass through the process of transformation that your human side did.

You have to learn how to translate the dream messages indispensably, because you inherit this dangerous enemy in your brain.

Besides that, you are too ignorant, and in fact an idiot, since you use only a tiny portion of your brain on your behalf. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your untamed evil side, that must be transformed if you want to live peacefully and happily.

Don’t be like the people that don’t look for the meaning of the precious messages they receive in their dreams. Their translation represents the beginning of a new life for you!

Many people that cared about the meaning of their dreams have already found their peace of mind, their mental health and happiness, by instantly translating their meaning thanks to my method of dream translation, which is derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung.

I have simplified and clarified everything for you, after continuing his research and discovering a lot more.

My students and patients are now helping other people, and translating their dreams for them, because they have become professional dream translators like me.

Once you learn how to do it, it becomes as simple as speaking, for example Spanish, supposing that your mother tongue is English.

You simply learn how to immediately find the most important parts of each dream by finding the main dream symbols. You practically translate the dream, only by translating the meaning of the basic symbols, which is given to you in my ebooks. Then you complete the missing parts, depending on the dreamer’s biography and on the dream’s context.

I’m seeing today the result of the dream therapy I have provided to many internet users since the beginning of 2007, and it is really much better than what I had expected.

Now that many people have already learned how to easily translate their dreams using my method, I can gladly tell you that you won’t find it difficult at all.

I can even tell you that I have many patients and students that have great difficulty in learning whatever subject, because they suffer from grave mental illnesses, and their memory is very poor. But even they have easily learned how to translate their dreams!

Now, imagine how much simpler it will be for you to learn the dream language if your problem is quite banal, and it can easily be solved.

The knowledge you acquire by being able to translate the meaning of your dreams is a precious advantage you’ll have for life, which will also help you become more intelligent and mature. Why should you waste it, like the indifferent people that ignore the value of the dream messages?

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Put an End to a Relationship

If you have a relationship with someone but you are tired of it, while the other person insists on keeping you near them because they love you (or they believe they do, while your opinion about this matter is totally different), you are in a very difficult position.

The other person wants you, and they try to hold you no matter what, while you feel suffocated. Perhaps you have found someone else, or you would like very much to have the chance to meet other people and find the right person for you, but you have an obligation to care about the person with whom you have a relationship, without being able to do what is better for you and your life.

When you have a relationship with someone, you are not free at all. Your life is connected to the other person’s life, and you have to get rid of all the links that connect you if you want to be independent and follow a different path. This is not easy, especially if your relationship is too old. Not to mention if you have children…

In case you are not married and you don’t have children yet, things are not so tragic for you, but still, quite complicated, because many times a relationship without marriage is as strong as a marriage. If you are with the other person everyday, if you do a billion things together, they depend on you and you depend on them in many points, you are practically married.

And these days sex is part of the teen’s life, which means that today’s relationships are not as distant as they used to be in the past.

This means that you cannot simply tell them: “I want to put an end to our relationship”.

You have to think about their feelings. Perhaps this separation will mean the end of the world for them… If they really love you very much, they won’t accept it.

What can you do?

You have to be cautious, especially because the other person may provoke you too many problems if they won’t accept this separation, and they could do many things to bother you, and ruin your plans.

If you don’t feel well with this relationship there is no real meaning on insisting on it. If you are not married yet, don’t think twice: get rid of it before you come to the point of getting married to the wrong person!

In case you are married and you have children, you have to sacrifice your life for your family. Unfortunately, you have the moral obligation to care more for the happiness of your children than for your own.

However, you must not die… If you are feeling too suffocated, your children will understand that you cannot bear your existence this way, and forgive you. You have to be always near them, besides getting a divorce. If you are always a good mother or father, your divorce won’t hurt your children.

Now, how can you finally get rid of this relationship?

Prepare the other person first of all. Don’t tell them suddenly that you want to be alone. If you have found someone else, you don’t need to mention it, of course… This would hurt and humiliate them very much.

Tell them that you are not feeling good, that you are very depressed, and you don’t know what to do about this matter.

Let them try to help you, and tolerate your relationship for a while.

Then, tell them that you are feeling worse. Tell them that perhaps you need psychotherapy, or a trip somewhere else far away, because you are feeling suffocated with all your obligations, your life has no motivation, and you are feeling totally empty.

When they ask you if they don’t mean anything to you, you’ll have the chance to tell them that you are not feeling supported by them, because they cannot understand you, they don’t really care for your feelings, and you’ve been hurt by their behavior on many occasions. Tell them that you don’t feel that they really care about your happiness, but only about their own interests.

Blame them for the depression you are feeling, putting yourself in the position of a victim.

Let them tell you by themselves that perhaps it would be better for you if you try to solve your emotional problems alone, without them, since you’ll show them that their presence is not helping you in any way, because you feel alone besides having a relationship.

You won’t be lying, because you will explain to them the emptiness you feel. Of course, this may be not their fault. Perhaps you made the mistake of trying to attract them in the beginning, but you were wrong.

In any case, think that you have to act like a cautious doctor, and leave this person without killing them. This is why you have to be diplomatic, and you may need to exaggerate certain points, or to pretend many things, until you are able to make them accept to let you follow your own path, without trying to keep you near them.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Promote Original Products With Real Solutions and Build Your Reputation Online

It is so common to look for a digital product to promote at Clickbank, that this is where I decided to create my affiliate program.

Clickbank is a trusted company that always pays its affiliates all over the world, and you feel safe when you know that this company is genuine, and really pays.

Yes, because online everything is very dangerous, as you might have understood if you have been online for a while.

If you are a newbie, let me open your eyes and show you that nothing is as easy as all marketers online promise you, only in order to make you purchase their ebooks and follow their steps.

They tell you that you only have to do this and that, and you’ll make money, but without explaining that everything takes time, you have to be professional, you have to have many contacts… in other words, you have to have and to do so many things in order to be a successful seller online that if you really knew the truth from the beginning you probably wouldn’t try it.

But all marketers push you and make you take action, even if you are not ready to face all the dangers you’ll find online.

The internet is a jungle, and there is no justice online. Spies, thieves and impostors, everyone is hidden in this huge jungle, while you see only what appears on your screen. You can very easily be fooled.

So, you don’t really know what kind of product you are promoting as an affiliate when you decide to join an affiliate program, unless you have purchased it and followed it, etc, which means that you have to begin spending money buying it, instead of making money with it without really knowing its content.

Well, this is a big risk. If you are promoting other people’s products but you’ve never purchased them yourself, you don’t really know if they are good or not.

You may find them in nice companies like Clickbank, but they are not what they should be, while you could spend all your time and energy promoting them…

I have seen many times people telling you that you can write an ebook in 3 days, and things like that, and then sell it online, and I feel that the people who are buying this product are paying for a collection of informative articles concentrated in an ebook format; this is information that they could find everywhere, and without paying anything for that, but since they are too busy and they don’t know how to look for all these things, they pay someone for the research they present them in this ebook.

Research based on what already exists everywhere…

If you are going to promote those kinds of ebooks, do you believe that your reputation as a seller will help you acquire more customers in the future?

I don’t think so…

I’m selling ebooks online, but I’m not a marketer. They are in fact my gift to the world. I studied 19 years before presenting my conclusions to the public, while curing many people at the same time, and not only that, but helping them solve all kinds of problems, like a sister. My work is not commercial; I looked for perfection. This is why I had to wait so long before preparing my ebooks.

However, I can affirm that the positive results for all cases are guaranteed if my readers precisely follow my directions. All my readers who are good students are also my friends.

We exchange messages once in a while, and they tell me their dreams and translations. Sometimes I correct something, other times I simply tell them: “Congratulations! Your translation was perfect”!

But the most important thing is the knowledge they acquire because they are able to understand the dream language. The meaning of the dream messages is precious, because it comes from the wise unconscious mind.

Dream translation according to the scientific method is pure psychotherapy. Everyone learns how to transform their personality and achieve their goals, developing their intelligence and sensitivity. The benefits of this knowledge are so many that in a while it will be part of our daily lives, especially because the wisdom of the dream messages is free. The unconscious mind is our natural doctor.

I’m only selling lessons about the dream language, and showing everyone how to use this knowledge in practice to solve their problems, but the real benefit is not the translation of the dream language: this is only a bridge that leads them to the wisdom of the unconscious mind.

This means that the value of my ebooks cannot be calculated. They give everyone the key to a higher level of consciousness.

All your customers will understand that the products you promote are excellent, without exceptions.

I should have already received many prizes after doing this long research and so many therapies, but the scientific world didn’t care enough for the infinite potential of the dream power, now that we know how to exactly translate the meaning of dreams, thanks to my discoveries, after continuing Carl Jung’s research.

Everything takes time, and I have too many competitors who are trying to prevent me to prove the truth to the world, because this way all their lies will be visible.

However, I also have your help, because if you are intelligent like my students, you’ll understand that my ebooks are a real treasure and you’ll promote them with safety. This is why I invite you to sign up for my affiliate program.

I will send you email messages with indications, helpful links and guidance, showing you how and where to successfully sell our products online, and you’ll receive 75% commissions for each sale!

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All the best!

Christina Sponias

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to Avoid a Bad End in Life

By translating the meaning of your dreams you can predict the future and correct future negative results, by correcting your mistakes and preparing the conditions you need.

You can also transform what is bad and destructive into a lesson, or into a new path that will lead you to success. Everything depends on your inner power and on your consciousness.

If you follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind, you can be sure that whatever may happen to you, you will never have a bad end in life, because you won’t make moral mistakes, which are the worst ones, since they lead you to absurdity and conflicts.

You only have to learn the meaning of the basic dream symbols in order to be able to understand the meaning of your dreams, and this way, be able to follow the precious guidance you receive in secret dream messages.

These messages will show you the development of reality even many years later, when things will be totally different from the present moment, and this is how you are going to understand the plan you must follow if you want to attain a specific aim.

Your journey may be difficult, but at least you can be sure that you are not going to end up in a hell, or totally lost.

Life is full of unpleasant facts and events, our society is too futile and indifferent to the human pain, and there are many things that you have to learn before you’ll be able to triumph.

But since the unconscious mind is guiding you, you can be sure that at the end of your journey you’ll find the treasure of wisdom, peace and happiness.

Don’t doubt that you’ll have basic protection in life, even when everything goes wrong, and nothing seems to be the way you would like it to be.

Perhaps your plans were wrong, your ideas and beliefs were misleading you, and many of the things that seem to be very bad in your life today will be the reason why you’ll discover a new solution.

The important thing is the fact that you are following the wisdom of the unconscious mind, instead of acting based on your own ignorant judgment, and this wisdom will help you become wiser too, even if you have to pass through many difficult experiences.

Everything in life follows a process.

With time, everything can be transformed, and acquire a positive meaning for you, if you respect the indubitable wisdom of the unconscious mind all the way.

You’ll always avoid a bad end, in all circumstances, even when you have the impression that nothing is favorable to you.

The unconscious’ guidance never fails, because it is based on real knowledge, and not in mere human suppositions and ambitions.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dream Power Against Terrorism

The power of the dream messages is observed especially when someone is saved from terrorist attacks, which cannot be predicted in another way.

Many times the dreamer may have to suffer an attack in order to prevent something worse, but they have basic protection. The hell of terrorism is too obscure, and the destructive power of evilness, too strong.

All the negative energy that transforms the human being into a demon comes from the wild side of the human conscience, which is schizophrenic. This is the result of its disorganized evolution, in combination with all the difficulties and deceptions of existence and consciousness in a live creature.

The power of the dream messages, which give objective information to the dreamer about all dangers that threaten their lives, can save the human being from being murdered by terrorist attacks, even though many times he has to bear passing through bitter experiences in order to protect his life.

If you lead with terrorism, you must know that there are no rules: terror doesn’t respect anything, and has the destructive power of bombs.

You need the power of dreams in order to fight against terrorism without losing your life.

I am a real example of a person who was saved from murder, since I precisely followed the guidance of the unconscious mind in my dreams when a man who was in love with me had killed my husband, while covering up his murder with a supposed heart attack. Everyone was paid to hide the truth, because he was very rich.

He could never capture me though, and he could not kill me as well. He could not possess me, because I had protection from his attacks, seeing everyday flashes of short dreams, with previsions about what would happen during the day.

This man was schizophrenic and became a maniac murderer, after his failure to capture me. But I was able to escape from all his traps, besides being able to provide him a partial schizophrenia cure through many sound messages that he was recording by spying on my apartment, over a period of 7 years.

He understood that he didn’t have the right to oblige me to live with him, and that I was not responsible for his suffering.

Another example of protection from terrorism through dream messages in my own life was when I met my schizophrenic father again, after being far away from Brazil, where he lives, for 11 years.

Besides dream warnings which were showing me the gravity of his mental illness that had become worse with time and with his loneliness, since my parents got divorced when I was 14 years old, I had a strange pain in my front teeth when I visited him in his house in 1991, after being in Greece for 11 years. I had decided to live here, I got married, and then I became pregnant, so I could not travel and see my father in the meanwhile.

The pain I had in my front teeth was a signal of danger, indicating to me that I had to be very cautious with my father, because anything could irritate him too much and transform him into a violent monster.

I had dreams showing me that he was involved in the smuggling of children, who were killed, so that their organs could be sold to people that needed transplants.

I could never verify if these dreams were really revealing me the truth, but I didn’t doubt that my father simply hated all children, since he had lost me, his only child, who condemned him for his absurd behavior, protecting my mother and helping her separate from him. My father had threatened her, telling her that she would never escape alive if she dared to abandon him. However, with my protection, and with the protection of the lawyer we found, he could not harm her in any way.

These examples can show you what kind of problems you have to face when you deal with terrorism, which is pure craziness, and how the translation of the meaning of your dreams can protect you, and save your life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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