Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Secret Behind The Law of Attraction

I’m glad because many people believe in the law of attraction, understanding that the power of their mind is really extraordinary.

Translating dreams according to the scientific method you’ll learn why you attach to your life the things that you keep thinking, because you’ll discover your wild side, besides recognizing how ignorant and idiot your human conscience is.

You’ll realize than when you are involved in negative thoughts this means that you are under the influence of the anti-conscience, your evil and cruel primitive conscience, which didn’t learn to respect or forgive anyone.

The anti-conscience is a cruel animal, but it has great energy and it can think rationally. It works independently of your human conscience and is more powerful than your tiny human conscience, which is under-developed exactly because the biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild side.

In other words, you are still too primitive, and you need to develop your intelligence in order to get rid of the negative influence of the anti-conscience.

So, the secret behind the law of attraction is that you have to learn how to stop following the negative and absurd thoughts of the anti-conscience.

You should trust the wise unconscious mind, your protector and doctor instead. The unconscious sends you informative dreams everyday, showing you what you have to do in order to transform your animal side into human.

When we talk about our animal side, we are talking about violence. Violence is very destructive, and it can only ruin one’s life.

Besides violence though, since your wild conscience can think, it generates all kinds of negative reactions inside you, influencing you not only with absurd, negative, repetitive, empty or fearful thoughts, as well as with feelings, sensations and intuition that are not part of your normal psychological functions.

So, behind the secret of attracting to your life what you desire, you need to have the faith in the power of goodness and wisdom, against the power of violence and immorality. If you behave like a human being and you believe in what is good, you will be connected to the saintly and wise unconscious mind, your natural doctor and protector.

You’ll know, even in the hardest moments, that you are following a plan, and that you will triumph even after failing many times, because you’ll continue. And why? Because you’ll believe in your salvation in the end. You won’t stop before the first obstacle, and not even before the tenth obstacle and so on, because the truth is that life is full of obstacles, and you have to always be a hero who finds solutions, and keeps going.

If you want to succeed, be ready to face deceptions and many impossibilities on your journey, but believing in your great victory, because you are following a wise plan. You are not walking without knowing where you are going.

You have a very clear purpose, and you have faith in the wisdom of goodness. This is how your mind will have the power to realistically attract to your life what is good, even when everything goes wrong, and you are still too far from your goal.

If you doubt that you can get there because this is too difficult, how are you going to continue? With which courage will you keep trying, while you are still near the bottom?

You have to believe that you’ll get to the top, because this way you’ll put energy in your actions. Tell yourself that you will get there no matter what, and keep going.

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