Friday, August 14, 2009

Complete Protection

Some people believe that complete protection means the absence of suffering and the guarantee that everything for them will be fine, however this is not possible in the world where we live in, because here exists evilness, which means that every human being is exposed to infinite dangers.

You can have only basic protection in life; complete protection is an illusion, exactly because you live in a hell governed by terrorism, violence and immorality, where absurdity is camouflaged through hypocrisy and futility.

You could have complete protection only if you lived in a paradise where justice were real. Living on Earth, you must be always careful, and many times, unavoidably accept to suffer and to become a victim of somebody else’s evilness, otherwise you’ll become a murderer.

If your enemies are violent and sneaky, this means that they don’t have scruples: they never respect moral principles, human rights or anything else. If you defended yourself against their attacks, you would have to behave like them, which means that you would become a monster too.

Many times you have to accept seeing your house being burned without killing the burner, because you don’t want to dirty your hands with blood.

However, your position as a victim is always pure. You are not a murderer, and this means that you can have basic protection, while the murderer is lost.

When you respect your moral principles, you are protected by God, who really exists and keeps sending you protective messages in dreams. You must learn the dream language in order to understand the divine guidance.

God will protect you, but also show you that you are a terrible sinner. You’ll feel ashamed for being an indifferent and selfish creature, understanding that you have to change your behavior, and care about other people’s suffering the same way you care for your own. This is very difficult… because you are really very selfish!

Therefore, if you won’t be completely protected, this means that you don’t deserve complete protection, or that it is not possible, because the evilness against you is too huge. God cannot protect you from the entire world…

When you learn how to translate your dreams, you’ll discover that you are a horrible creature, because you have too many defects in your behavior, you are an idiot who doesn’t use the biggest part of your brain, and you are too insensitive. You won’t like this image of yourself, but only after seeing it, will you be able to become a real human being, having only good qualities in your personality, instead of being the terrible sinner you are now.

You won’t agree with this truth in the beginning, but after studying your behavior as you translate your own dreams, you’ll understand that you have to forgive yourself for being an idiot, because this is not your fault.

You’ll understand that you simply have to learn how to be wise in order to live happily, and believe that God will never abandon you completely. You have the basic protection you need, and you have to have faith in this protection in the difficult moments.

If you believe that you should be completely protected, don’t complain before examining the future. Many times a very bad event is the beginning of a brilliant new path to real satisfaction and happiness.

Besides that, an idiot sinner like you has to fall many times in order to see how insignificant, weak, miserable and impotent in fact you are.

This is they only way you may understand that you have a lot to learn, and adopt the humble attitude you must have before the wisdom and the perfection of God, who will have to bear your terrible personality in order to teach you how to become a wise human being instead of being a monster, like your enemies.

Never complain if you are not completely protected if at least you have basic protection, and never believe that you deserve to have complete protection, because you are only a selfish creature who cares more for your own wellbeing, than for the salvation of the entire human race from terrorism and violence.

Many times you’ll have to suffer in order to be a hero. This is your moral obligation, if you consider yourself a human being.

Besides that, you don’t deserve to live on a throne, completely protected from all dangers… you have to live, learn and change your behavior, until you become really wise. Only then will you live happily and free from all dangers.

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