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What Are Dream Symbols? How to Translate their Meaning and Transform Your Personality

The dream language is based on symbols. A symbol is an image that gives you an idea about something else. This is why in a dream an apple, for example, doesn’t represent a fruit, but wisdom, since this is the symbolic meaning which is connected with its image.

The connection of this meaning with the image of an apple was formed in the unconscious mind that produces dreams, and also gives us religious, artistic and philosophical inclinations.

When you learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams into sentences that you can understand, you discover that a simple image gives you information about many things, because a symbol represents a huge content.

When you think about the apple as a fruit, a singular object that has an ephemeral existence, and you compare it with wisdom, which is a superior and complex capacity to judge reality after analyzing all its details, you understand the dimension that the apple acquires when it has this symbolic meaning.

Now, you may be thinking that wisdom can simply be defined by only one word; however there are dream symbols that have a complex definition, like the meaning of the snake.

The snake represents a bad event that will correct a serious mistake and work like medicine for the dreamer, besides all the painful situations that he or she will have to face. It will prevent him from continuing to make the same mistakes, and facing their consequences in the future.

This means that the snake is in fact the misfortune that will save the dreamer, since it puts an obstacle to the continuation of something bad for him, helping him correct his mistakes, and adopt a different attitude in life.

This is a definition that cannot be represented by only one word...

The same happens with the meaning of the spider, and many other dream symbols.

The spider is the hidden danger that you cannot see. It represents something very important that you have to understand or to do, otherwise you’ll have many problems.

It is the obligation that cannot be postponed, the heroic attitude that cannot be avoided, or the indispensable solution that cannot delay, because the dreamer (or his reputation) is in danger.

Many times a very small dream scene is transformed into many pages of explanations, which give a lot of information to the dreamer, when we translate its symbolism.

So, if you see a dream with an apple, a snake and a spider, you would have a very serious warning which would basically mean that: you have to be wise (apple) and adopt the right attitude without delay (spider), otherwise you’ll have to pass through many painful experiences (snake).

Now, we have to connect the dream symbols with the dreamer’s life in order to give him or her clear advice so that he or she may transform his personality in order to be balanced and happy, depending on the unconscious’ messages.

Let’s suppose that the dreamer is too lazy and ineffective. Therefore, the exact translation of the symbolism for him or her would be:

You have to be wise (apple) and stop being lazy and ineffective without delay (spider), otherwise you’ll have to pass through many painful experiences in order to transform your personality into a sensible one, and learn how to be a responsible person who works, and does all their obligations, because if you keep avoiding to work without thinking about the consequences of your irresponsibility, you’ll face many problems in the future (snake).

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