Monday, January 11, 2010

How to Keep a Dream Journal – Free Psychotherapy in Your Own Dreams

You have to care about your dreams if you want to remember them. Before sleeping think about dreaming, and tell yourself that you have to remember your dreams because they are very important, trying to fix them in your conscious memory as soon as you wake up, without thinking about anything else.

You can keep your dreams in a file on your computer, which will help you be more organized, especially if you have a laptop that you can easily use at any time, but I advise you to first of all write down your dreams in a notebook that you keep near your bed, without depending on your computer.

Make notes by abbreviating all words, so that you can write quickly, before forgetting the details of your dreams. The details escape from your memory as time passes, and this is why it is important to quickly fix them in your memory when you wake up, and write them down the soonest possible.

If you cannot care about your dreams when you wake up because you usually are already too late, and you have to run to go to work or to another obligation, I advise you try going to sleep earlier, so that you may have enough time to see many dreams, and so that you may have a clear mind when you wake up, which will help you remember your dreams very well.

It would be better if you go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier too, so that you may have a few minutes at your disposal to care about your dreams.

But if you really don’t have any chance to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up, never mind, because the unconscious mind is very generous, and sends you the same messages in many dreams, showing you different aspects of the same reality in each dream.

Write down whatever you remember of your dreams, and you’ll see that only by writing down a few details, you’ll remember more easily your next dreams, besides being able to more easily understand their meaning. Writing down your dreams is very helpful for your memory, and for your capacity to decipher their symbolic meaning.

Through dream interpretation according to the scientific method, which accurately translates for you the meaning that the unconscious mind is giving to the dream messages, you’ll pass through free and safe psychotherapy as you follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind that keeps trying to save your mental health, and teaches you how you can develop your intelligence, using all your capacities.

You’ll become familiar with the dream language as you keep your dream journal, learning how to exchange the dream images and scenes with words. You’ll soon be able to immediately understand the meaning of all your dreams after seeing them.

Read all the dreams you wrote down with time, because their general meaning will show you how your future will be, and give you a general image of the meaning of your life. Your dream collection will give you a huge vision of the importance of the meaning of all your dreams together, since they are like chapters of a novel, or pieces of a puzzle.

Each dream gives you a new lesson, more information, new warnings, and so on.

At a certain point, you’ll see all the dreams you have kept in your dream journal and you’ll finally understand why many things had to happen to you, why you should behave in one way or another on many occasions, and many things more, because you’ll understand that your life follows a program of development, depending on the characteristics of your personality.

You’ll understand why the unconscious mind showed you that you had to do one thing or another, after verifying what will happen in the future.

The unconscious lessons are better understood with time. When you have a warning about something you may not be able to evaluate the unconscious’ wisdom, exactly because you ignore many things that you will learn only later.

Only after seeing the development of reality, and verifying that you really did what was better for you thanks to the guidance you received in your dreams, will you understand from which troubles the unconscious guidance has saved you.

This is why you have to study your dream collection. The various chapters of the novel of your life reflected in your dreams will give you the final message of the entire story; you’ll see the design formed by the puzzle, with all pieces together, and understand why you had to follow this path.

Then, another story will begin, and you’ll make many new discoveries, always attaining higher levels of knowledge.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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