Saturday, May 8, 2010

Using Humor to Increase Your Self-Esteem and Your Ability to Make Friends

Humor is excellent medicine when properly used. It can help you increase your self-esteem by giving you the confidence of knowing how to be funny. Social acceptance will be guaranteed if you are the type that knows how to make interesting comments and how to tell jokes that will make your audience laugh.

Humor will always help you break the silence when nobody knows what to say in a social meeting. It will be a tool that will give you the power to always conquer your audience. You’ll be admired and always welcome in all groups.

As a result, you’ll easily make many friends.

Even though you should prefer to make fun of the various situations of your daily life instead of repeating old jokes, sometimes they help you accomplish your goals. In order to learn how to have a natural sense of humor and make fun of simple events, you need more practice. It is easier to learn how to tell other people's jokes, than to make new jokes out of daily situations.

You should use both of these methods to develop your talent. Even if you believe that you have no talent for telling jokes, you will certainly find your personal style if you look for it.

After finding your personal “funny style”, you’ll see how easy it will be to make everyone around you laugh at what you say.

I had no talent for telling jokes when I was younger. I would laugh without being able to continue the joke, or delay so much telling it that it looked like a novel. Nobody would laugh at the end because they would forget the beginning, even when the joke was really funny.

However, I discovered that I had the capacity to make ironic observations. I learned how to develop a natural sense of humor and make fun of simple facts and events, even though I have no talent for telling other people's jokes.

You may be more successful at telling jokes though, because your personality is different.

You should try both styles of joke telling. You can tell other people's jokes and tell your own. Either way you need to find really funny jokes.

Don’t simply repeat the jokes that everyone tells. Be original, look for jokes that have something special and really make people laugh.

Some jokes are very funny for some people, while other people cannot understand what is so funny about them.

You have to look for jokes that tend to be appreciated by most people if you want to be sure that they will always please your audience, which is composed of people with many different personalities.

There are many ways through which you can use humor to attract many friends. Try different variations of telling the same joke and see which way works the best for you and for your audience. Do some research, look for information about this matter, use your imagination, and test your jokes on a few people before telling them in front of everyone.

Depending on the results you’ll have, you’ll continue to improve your style until you’ll feel comfortable and your success will be guaranteed.

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