Monday, May 17, 2010

Atheism and New Scientific Discoveries – Illusions and Proven Truths

Atheism is a widespread belief in our modern civilization. Most people do not need the existence of a God to justify the creation of our planet and the appearance of life in it.

Religious myths have disappeared under the light of our scientific discoveries and our technological progress. Atheism seems to be the most obvious attitude, with the vision we have today.

However, new scientific discoveries based on the accurate translation of the meaning of dreams reveal many truths that contradict the atheistic views.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams possesses an undoubtable wisdom that cannot be justified unless we admit that it comes from a superior brain.

This wisdom cannot come from the ignorant human mind because the human being is basically a primate with only a few human characteristics. He has inherited a wild and primitive conscience in the biggest part of his brain. Even the tiny part of his brain that was evolved through consciousness is under-developed and one-sided.

Dreams are not disorganized images without meaning. They contain precious guidance and crucial information about our psychical state, the external reality, and the future.

The value of this information is confirmed when we follow the unconscious guidance in dreams. We find solutions that we could not imagine for problems that seemed impossible to solve.

The atheistic mentality was in fact formed by the wild side of our conscience, which keeps interfering in our human conscience. It has also distorted the meaning of many religions. It transformed our world into a place where violence and immorality prevail; hidden under the camouflage of hypocrisy and futility.

Many proven scientific truths clearly indicate that atheism is based on illusions. We indispensably need to admit the existence of a creator.

The first live cell would never be able to appear by chance in our young planet. Our planet is not old enough to have permitted all the molecular permutations that were necessary before the right formula would create the first live cell.

If life would have appeared on Earth only by chance, there were necessary many more billions of years of accidental chemical combinations until the perfect formula would finally create the first live cell.

Besides this fact, it was already discovered by the biologist and behaviorist Konrand Lorenz and other researchers that there are inherited behavioral programs in the learning mechanism of all animals. This is why each animal knows exactly how to behave in each situation. It acts like an expert from its first attempt to get its prey. This behavior is innate, it is instinctual; it is not a learned behavior.

These innate behavioral programs, prepare all animals to survive in a hostile planet where they have many natural enemies. Their perfect organization can only be justified as the result of precise calculations with a pre-defined purpose.

There are many other ready proven scientific truths that clearly expose the superficiality of the atheistic conclusions.

Atheists claim that faith in the existence of God is pure illusion. However, the real illusion is to imagine that the complex nature of our planet could be created by chance, in a few billion years.

We live in a world where money is most people’s god. A world where the corporate world decides humanity’s destiny because the global capital is concentrated in their hands.

The materialist and atheistic concepts protect their interests. This is why they do everything they can to prevent humanity from paying attention to the scientific discoveries that would take their masks off, and completely change the way we live.

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