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The End of Atheism on Earth – Undoubtable Scientific and Empirical Proofs of God’s Existence

The aversion to religiosity characterizes our civilization. The belief that there is no God is considered by the majority of the population of our planet as if it was an obvious conclusion. The scientific discoveries, and the technological progress carried on in the 20th century proved to the world that we don’t need the existence of a God. Everything can be scientifically explained. There are no mysteries anywhere.

However, this conception is a very big illusion. Human ignorance is far too vast.

The wisdom contained in the unconscious mind is a mystery that cannot be explained unless we admit that it comes from a superior mind. The unconscious mind transforms us into real human beings, and into real geniuses.

I started seriously caring about the meaning of my dreams in 1984, when I was 23-years-old because I was depressed, and always very angry. Everything would easily irritate me. I understood that I needed help but I couldn’t afford paying a psychotherapist. This is why I studied alone.

The unconscious mind compelled me to study the meaning of dreams while curing many people through dream therapy for 19 years. Only then was I allowed to finally publish my work. I always obey the unconscious wisdom because I recognize my ignorance.

The unconscious wisdom proves the existence of God, especially because through dream therapy we can:

*Cure any mental illness or mental disorder

*Cure physical problems

*Prevent diseases, mental illnesses, misfortunes and accidents

*Acquire complete consciousness

*Completely develop our intelligence

*Attain spiritual perfection

*Solve any kind of problem

My work creates a bridge between science and religion eliminating atheism on Earth. It shows to the world that we must stop believing that we know what is real. The bitter truth is that we cannot control our thoughts or our behavior because our human conscience is constantly dominated by our wild conscience (anti-conscience). The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience. It is totally absurd, cruel and immoral. It keeps sending us absurd ideas. If we will follow them, we will lose our mind. This is why God sends us protective messages in dreams.

Our knowledge is too limited. We don’t really know anything about the universe and about the content of our mind.

However, I’m not going to continue giving you scientific proofs of the necessity of the existence of a superior mind that would organize the functioning of our complex world. Now I’m going to prove to you through religiosity, that there is a God who sends us precious messages in dreams. When I discovered the divine origin of the unconscious mind, understanding that I was obeying God when I was obeying the unconscious guidance, I understood that I should have a religious attitude. The unconscious mind was no longer incomprehensible, but the voice of divine providence.

I could understand this truth because I studied for twelve years in a Catholic school. My religiosity helped me continue the research begun by Carl Jung. I believed in the unconscious divinity when the unconscious mind told me in dream messages that I was a monster and I received the grace of being saved because God had pity on my victims. I had inherited a strong anti-conscience, which had almost completely destroyed my human conscience. I was too cruel, and I would certainly become schizophrenic if I did not change.

This happened also when I fall in love with a married man, while I was also married. My son was 3-years-old at this time, and this man, who was much older than me, had children on my age. He could be my father, but he was very handsome. When I was ready to betray my husband because I loved this man, I discovered the anti-conscience and I had to fight against its absurdity. This way, God prevented me from being into contact with the married man. I had to fight against schizophrenia, and then cure many people for many years. I never saw the married man after that.

I understood that the unconscious mind had a divine origin because it condemned me for being immoral, and an irresponsible mother. I was ready to abandon my moral principals. However, I precisely obeyed the unconscious guidance, and stayed far away from this man forever. This fact marked my journey towards mental health and happiness.

I understood that I was saved from hell for obeying the wise and saintly unconscious mind instead of doing what my poisonous anti-conscience was dictating to me. It would lead me to catastrophe, and this married man was also absurd. He was so absurd that he killed my husband. This is why I’m a widow since 1989. I cannot prove his crime. He is too rich and powerful. On the other hand, I don’t want to do anything against him. I’m only explaining what happened, and why I was so obedient to the unconscious mind.

Why do you think that I would agree on working so much without any compensation during 19 years? Do you believe that I would obey a mind that would give me orders in dreams without verifying its sanctity?

I was always very obedient, and I really managed to discover a lot, but I’m not proud of my achievements because I was a monster. I only had the opportunity to find sound mental health through dream interpretation because God had mercy on my victims.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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