Monday, April 5, 2010

Understanding How Women Want to Be Treated

Many men cannot understand the feminine psychology, and this is why they don’t know how to behave with women.

A woman’s basic requirement from a man is affection. Women like romantic demonstrations, kindness, attention, protection, and understanding. They want to feel that the man they love cares for their feelings, remembers their preferences, and respects their desires.

Most men are too possessive though, and they don’t pay attention to the things that women like. They care only about the women showing them that they are the leaders.

A possessive man will completely despise a woman’s necessity for affection. He will be rude with her, show her indifference, or demand many things from her, as if she was obliged to fulfill all his desires without receiving anything back.

The behavior of most men is quite disappointing, especially when a woman is very attractive.

In order to conquer her heart, a man will choose to control her through impositions and prohibitions, rather than doing things that she likes.

In the beginning she will try to behave the way he likes, but with time, she will start feeling that all the restrictions imposed by him seem to be like the bars of a prison.

Therefore, instead of holding her near him, the possessive man will in fact make her desire to leave the relationship in order to find her freedom again.

A man is usually too afraid to show his dependence upon a woman. This is why instead of giving her the confidence of feeling loved by him he will make her have many doubts.

This is a fatal mistake that will provoke many conflicts between the couple and perhaps lead them to a separation.

A man wants to have control over the woman he loves, but he will not show her that his life depends on her only because he doesn’t want to seem to be too weak before her eyes.

This is why we see many unhappy couples everywhere and many divorces happening all the time.

They could be avoided if men were more elastic, understanding and sincere, instead of trying to show the women they love that they are the leaders, they are strong, and they will never depend on any woman.

If you are a man who doesn’t know how to conquer a woman’s heart, you can be helped by the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. You’ll receive objective information about the person you love in dream messages, and this way understand very well what she really wants from you, how to behave with her, and many things more.

Don’t act based on your suppositions and don’t imitate the common masculine behavior in a relationship. Learn how to be wise, and how to keep the woman you love near you forever, without making any extraordinary efforts, and without acting like a dictator.

The unconscious mind will guide you in your dreams, revealing everything you need to learn about her personality and her desires, showing you how to make her feel that you really are the ideal man for her.

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