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Dream Interpretation – How to Professionally Translate The Meaning of Dreams

You can become a professional dream translator if you take dream interpretation according to the scientific method seriously. The meaning of all dreams is precious and works like psychotherapy for the human being.

The dream language was completely understood by the psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung, and I managed to continue his research and simplify his complicated method of dream interpretation, transforming it into a simple method of dream translation that works like a translation from the words of one language to the words of another language.

When you translate dreams you translate images and scenes into words that you can understand, by translating the meaning of the dream symbols. Then you relate the dream to the dreamer’s biography. You have to indispensably learn the biography life of the dreamer in order to be able to exactly translate a dream.

Of course, you can somehow translate any dream without knowing anything about the dreamer; however, it will never be a perfect dream translation this way.

This happens many times when you translate a document for example, because you may ignore the meaning of many words, even though you know the meaning of many others. So, you are able to translate only a part of the document, and to understand only what it is about, without understanding many details.

If you don’t need to make a professional translation, you don’t need to work more. However, if you are a professional translator, you have the obligation to translate all the details of the document, exactly as they were originally written in its author’s language.

Exactly the same happens when you are a professional dream translator.

If you are the dreamer yourself, everything is very simple, because you already know the entire story of your life, but when you are translating someone else’s dreams, you have to learn at least something about them and their lives, and many times they won’t tell you basic things, because they are ashamed of their behavior, they are afraid of you, and so on.

You have to be patient and discover everything thanks to the information that the unconscious mind will give you in their dreams, and in your own dreams, about their case. When the patients don’t cooperate with the psychoanalysis, the unconscious mind helps the dream translator.

You become a psychologist and psychiatrist, since you have to help the dreamer understand the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind.

This is why you have to be a serious doctor, and this is why all dreamers are patients for you. They are people who have mental illnesses, even when they don’t seem to.

Most people suffer from depression or neurosis, without understanding what is happening to them.

You can also help people who suffer from graver mental illnesses, since the real doctor is not you, but the wise unconscious mind that knows everything. If you are a responsible dream translator you can help everyone solve any kind of problem, or overcome any mental illness.

You’ll be a savior, and your work will be blessed.

Most people need salvation, support, help in all points of their lives, and many things more, because they are totally lost.

This means that you have to be for them also a brother or a sister, because they need affection, and real attention.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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