Sunday, December 13, 2009

How to Attract a Very Handsome Man

Handsome men are used to many admirers and they tend to despise the women who show interest in them.

If you are in love with a very handsome man you have to be somehow indifferent to his existence if you want to get his attention, however not so indifferent to the point of giving him the impression that you are too shy and afraid of him.

A handsome man is used to women that:

• Show him clearly that they want him, looking at him all the time, and smiling.

• Pretend that they are indifferent to him by avoiding looking at his eyes or by being too rude with him because they are afraid to face him.

This means that you should behave in a totally different way if you want to be admired and if you want to attract him.

He has to believe that you are different, and care about learning more about you.

If you are like the other women, he will despise you, make fun of you, or play with your feelings.

The truth is that usually men that are too handsome don’t respect any woman, thinking that they are all silly. This means that you have to give him the impression that you are very intelligent and that you have a very special personality.

Of course, you have to be beautiful and very attractive too, otherwise you’ll be always afraid of your rivals, and you won’t be able to keep him with you for long.

If you believe that you have the necessary characteristics to attract him and if you believe that a relationship with him will be good for you, because you can see that he has many other qualities, besides being handsome, then you must be very careful with the behavior you show him, since this is basic in the beginning of your relationship.

You have to look at him sometimes, but not too much. Your indifference to his presence must be very comfortable: you simply should treat him the same way you’d treat anyone, being neither too sympathetic nor too cold.

He must feel that you would care about him if he did show you that he is a special person, but you don’t really care if nothing happens between you two, because you are not that impressed with him.

Give him the impression that just his beauty is not enough. He has to have many positive characteristics in order to attract you, because you are difficult. You don’t feel easily satisfied with anyone, and this is why you demand a lot from your companion.

Put him in the position of the man who has to conquer your heart if he wants to have a relationship with you, instead of showing him that he is ideal for you, even if you think so.

Be a mysterious woman that will make him think, and try to find out who you really are.

This is how you’ll make him care for you and believe that you are different from all the other women. Your distinct behavior will make him consider a relationship with you as a challenge, instead of considering you as if you were “just another victim of his charm”.

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