Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How to Be a Hero

First of all you have to understand that a hero is a very important person, a savior, someone that helps many other people, therefore you must respect his or her position very much.

A hero never decides to be a hero, but becomes one because this is necessary.

On many occasions of your life you’ll need to be a hero, because you are stronger and other people are weaker, you are in a better position, or you simply know much better how to solve a problem.

Be a poet, and you’ll feel fine.

Start talking like a big hero that will save humanity from despair, and feel very superior with this thought, as if you were God.

If you are humiliated, think that everyone on Earth is ridiculous. This is true, and can be verified if you seriously analyze everyone’s behavior.

As a matter of fact, the real truth is that everyone here is an idiot. The human being uses only a very tiny portion of his brain in a positive way.

Therefore, you should not pay attention to the opinion and to the actions of idiots.

Despise everyone’s opinion. Think only about your mission. Nobody else knows how important it is.

Never cry because of your own suffering, only because of other people’s suffering. They are weak, while you are the hero! Let them cry, but always be strong, giving them courage.

Don’t doubt that some day your heroism will save everyone and that this is going to be recognized by many people, who will feel very grateful for your sacrifice.

Don’t do anything thinking about recognition and glory though, because this is not important and delays too much to arrive. This idea is only an incentive.

If someone offends you, imagine that they are in fact clapping their hands, and admiring your attitude.

But if someone admires you and claps their hands, don’t feel proud because you are being admired. Remember that everyone here is an idiot…

You should stay beyond offenses and compliments. You are a savior only because you are the strongest.

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